I've had the pleasure of meeting and working with some wonderfully talented actors and models that are featured on

my book covers. Check out their bios and please visit and like their Facebook pages and their websites.
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When I first released When Lightning Strikes, little did I know where my writing career was going to go. At 40-something years old, I took the plunge and self-published and put my first book out there and what started as a trickle soon became a landslide. Before I knew it, I woke up one day to find the book sitting at #1 Best Seller in Time Travel Romance in Amazon Kindle! I went on to write my next couple of books, self-publishing and learning all along the way.

Last year I reached a point where I realized that the ONLY one of my books that had never had a cover model was When Lightning Strikes....I had avoided putting a model on the cover and there was a very special reason WHY. It's because I'd always wanted actor Jay Tavare on the cover of the book...but when I first wrote it I thought, "What am I going to do? Tell him I'm a new author and I've sold ten books to my friends?" LOL! Well.....a couple of #1 Best Sellers later, and one other Top 20 Best Seller, I decided to take a shot at making another dream come true, and I contacted Jay personally, told him my story and created a cover with one of my favorite pictures of him. I knew it was probably not affordable OR possible but I asked him anyway...and when he personally told me he loved the cover and agreed to be on my book, I was over the moon! It truly goes to show you that ANYTHING is possible if you put your heart and soul into it...and believe in your dreams. I have long admired Jay's work..he is a fantastic actor who's appeared in numerous movies including some Oscar Nominees for best picture (Cold Mountain) The Missing (this movie is so good.....don't even know where to begin) as well as television and mini-series, Into the West, CSI: Miami and yes, that is Vega from Street Fighter: The Movie.  Jay is a top notch athlete, dancer, martial artist and horse rider...among the many skills that he has mastered for different roles.


My deepest thanks and gratitude are with him for not only appearing on my cover, but also for his wonderful body of work and the time he graciously donates to the charities for which he is the celebrity spokesperson, including Warming Hearts and Adopt a Native Elder. I am blessed to have him on my book...and to have his friendship.  Much love, Jay! :)

Please visit Jay on Facebook and IMDB:


Thomas Gunter is a model and actor from San Diego, CA. He's appeared in numerous print ads and runway shows as well as the recent pilot episode of Steve Austin's Broken Skull Challenge. This ex-Navy torpedo man is not only a kick-ass athlete who competes in brutal Spartan races ...but he's also done some serious modeling including a GQ Magazine spread in 2011 with actress Melissa McCarthy. He will be appearing as a guard in the movie Sinbad: The Fifth Voyage which is due out in 2014.

Thomas is incredibly personable and always takes the time to interact with and reply to the fans who visit his pages. He's also as tough as they come, with the determination and the looks to take his career as far as he wants to go. I expect him to be a household name very soon!
I am so happy to have him on the cover of my newest release, HUNTER as well as the forthcoming sequel due out later this year.'re truly one of a kind and thank you so much for your beautiful image and your friendship. :)
Please visit Thomas on Facebook:
And his website:
You can also find Thomas's images via Crooked Kitty on Facebook and at Period Images:  a site devoted to imagery designed specifically for book covers in not only romance but ALL genres.



Grigoris is a model and actor from Lavrio, near Athens Greece who has appeared on numerous covers for both indie and New York Times Best Selling Authors. In 2013, he visited the USA and appeared in the cinematic trailer for my Top 20 Amazon Kindle Best Seller (Urban Fiction) SMOKE & MIRRORZ. He is also featured on the cover.  Shooting the trailer and the cover shoot was one of the most fun experiences I've ever had....we had a wonderful crew working with us from Crunchreel Productions. Visit:

Grigoris is an avid animal lover, and dog owner as well as being super nice, professional and a lot of fun. He always makes time to personally reply to visitors on his pages, and his fans will tell you that he's as warm and friendly as he is handsome.
Grigoris...thank you so much for your friendship, for your beautiful imagery....and I look forward to working with you again soon! :)

Visit Grigoris on Facebook:




Jimmy is a model, writer and entrepreneur from Los Angeles, CA who has appeared on over 6,000 covers of books from all genres. He is the original when it comes to sites devoted to romance imagery, having realized that there was a void in the industry regarding a one stop place for authors and publishers to go for top quality images for their books. Jimmy filled that void and to this day remains at that top of his field, providing the best in romance imagery and images for books in ALL genres. He was the first of his kind in the field, setting the highest standard for others who've followed his lead.

He is and has been a top notch athlete, personal trainer and has a degree in architecture as well. He is the founder of, the very FIRST site devoted to romance novel imagery and following the success of that site, and his many years of experience and massive following from appearing on countless covers of New York Times Best Sellers, USA Today Best Sellers and many, many others, he masterminded and created Romance Novel Convention which has been held in Las Vegas in 2013, and 2014.

Jimmy is another one who is very friendly and stops by his pages often to interact with is fans. Please visit him at:





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