Nyx Leron is a Hunter. A demon hunter. The thing is....demons aren't what fairy tales or religious texts say they are and reality is only a matter of WHICH reality your consciousness happens to be in.


After being sentenced to serving a term in Reality Level 3 on the prison planet known as Earth for a galactic 'crime' he didn't commit, the Hunter soon learns that the balance of power and the control of Sacred Knowledge that can free all souls from endless cycles on prison planets like Earth are in the hands of corruption. After his targets escape, losing him his bounty...and his debt payoff, he barely escapes with his life and unexpectedly lands in the apartment of librarian and sometime tarot card reader, Lyra Hall. With a coven of soul-sucking demons now on his tail and traces of his energy in her living space and on her person, the Hunter has no choice but to take the human woman with him as he makes his escape to another galaxy, dimension and reality level where he will try to figure out how to protect the billions of souls that are now in danger.


Holden Jenkins had been born under unusual circumstances...and in fact nothing about his life was very 'usual' from that day forward.He'd been raised by the old Cherokee woman who had delivered him...and who'd taught him to control his animal instincts, and his thirst for blood. Under her care and guidance, he'd learned to harness his strength and elevated perceptions that would later come in handy when he'd decided to become a bounty hunter.

His life had been simple....sleep in the day, hunt at night and go where the money is. That is until he'd met and rescued a young boy who was being held hostage by Elias Jacobson, a wanted criminal who had brutally murdered the boy's parents. Sundown decides to take the youngster with him to find an adoptive family in the closest nearby town. It's there that he meets Miss Jolene...the madam running a whorehouse, who isn't what she seems to be, and her beautiful auburn haired niece, Clover whose icy blue eyes and sweet kiss makes him begin to wonder if love is possible for a bounty hunter with no place to call home and secrets that none could ever know. When Clover is kidnapped by Elias's brother Vernon, a vampire with vengeance on his mind and blood lust in his eyes, Sundown knows that he'll stop at nothing to bring her back safe and sound.


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#1 Best Seller in Time Travel Romance Amazon Kindle
Sarah Douglas is 23, beautiful, smart and about to marry the perfect guy. Level-headed, nice-looking, honest and intelligent, David du Bois is not only the son of her father's business partner, but the kind of man any mom would want their daughter to marry. Right? Or so she thought...until her mother gives her a mysterious "good luck" charm on the eve of her wedding, telling her that it's a family tradition and if she keeps it with her all night, she will know her heart's true desire.

Sarah thinks it's all just a bunch of silly "Gypsy hocus pocus" but she soon discovers that a walk in the night air and an eerie bolt of lightning is all it takes to sweep her out of the world she knows and into the arms of Dominic du Barbaronne-the handsome blue-eyed leader of a band of Romanies in the year 1363
(When Lightning Strikes Book 2)
#1 Best Seller in Hot New Releases  (October 2012) - Time Travel Romance Amazon Kindle

The year is 1986 and the band InZane is on the brink of big things. And Ariana Martineau is about to marry their guitarist and lead singer, Zane Moore. Tall and tan, with a smile that could stop traffic he is every girl's rock n' roll fantasy...right?

At least that's what Ariana thought until her mother gives her a mysterious coin on the night before her wedding, assuring her that it is a centuries-old family heirloom once owned by a gypsy who'd found love across time, and if she keeps it with her all night, she will know her heart's true desire. A brisk wind and a bolt of lightning later, Ariana awakens to find herself in Northern France in the year 1487, in the home of Lord Spencer Douglas...the son of a wealthy land baron....

Top 10 Best Seller in Gothic Romance Amazon Kindle

What happens when Samson Bellmaine, a wealthy, handsome womanizer in the year 1511, breaks the heart and trust of a young lady who'd been his friend since childhood? He soon finds himself cursed by her angry, pagan priestess mother, and is now doomed to sit out an endless existence as a stone gargoyle...his body as cold and devoid of love as the heart that beat inside his once-human chest.

Awakening only once every fifty years for one month's time, and after searching to no avail for the cure that will break the seemingly unbreakable spell, he's grown content to spend his short time as a man enjoying all the marvels and hedonistic pleasures the modern world has to offer.

The year is 2011 and upon Awakening, Samson soon meets Willow Dalton...a smart, pretty nurse who works in the children's ward of a local hospital. As love warms his heart, and he discovers a mysterious side-effect of his condition; one that may hold the key to his freedom and may also cause him to lose her forever, he is now in a race against time...determined to stay at her side, and daring to hope that after five centuries he will finally find a way to break the curse before next full moon rises and he's turned from man to stone once more.



Top 20 Best Seller in Urban Fantasy, Amazon Kindle


Scheharazade 'Scheri' Bloom is on the run after marrying the man of her dreams...a wealthy lawyer who turns out to be more like a monster from her nightmares. After enduring the first of many of his psychotic rages and physical abuse, she finally finds a way to escape and she takes to the road. With the little bit of money she'd saved up running out fast, she soon finds herself drawn to a small-town carnival, where she hopes to make a few untraceable dollars working a ride or concession stand. Instead she meets the enigmatic and egotistical magician known as 'Z'.

Amazed by Z's skills in illusions, like the audiences who come to see him day in and day out, she soon finds herself in danger again...not so much from her abusive husband as from everything she doesn't want to feel from the moment she lays eyes on the handsome entertainer who looks like an Arabian Knight come to life and seems to sense every secret she can't tell him about herself.....



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